2016 Ballston Spa Film Festival
August 5th & 6th

2016 Festival Awards

Here are the winners of the 9th Annual Ballston Spa Film International Short Film Festival as announced at Saturday's afterparty. Many thanks to our dedicated judges; Jan Broberg Carter, Daniel DeFabio and Larry Jackson for taking the time to support our festival and the filmmakers.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Best of the Fest Cuerdas
Writer, Director
Pedro Solís García

"Cuerdas" ("Strings") is full of nuances, tells a tender story of friendship between two very special children but it is also a work that speaks of values ​​and hopes and it is able to captivate the viewer from the first frame and the first musical note to the end of the film credits.

Best of the Fest:
Young Filmmaker
Paul's Ride
A film by
Ben Davis

A short documentary following the story of a Vietnam Veteran and his love for motorcycles.

Best New Film
(World premier)
La Cuñadita
(My Pretty Sister-in-Law)

Writer, Director
Víctor Barrera

Julio stops at his in-laws' house to see his fiancee and finds only her younger sister there, who has prepared a surprise for him.

Best Original Score Soar
Music by
Jack Gravina
Writer, Director
Alyce Tzue

A precocious young girl makes a new friend when a tiny boy pilot drops out of the sky on a broken flying machine. Now she must race against time to return him home, before her new friend becomes stranded on Earth forever.

Best Editing Juliet
Writer, Director
Marc-Henri Boulier

In a near future, the SEED company launches with great fanfare, JULIET1, the first generation of synthetic pleasure beings. But as technology evolves and new styles come and go, it becomes more and more difficult for mankind to find their own place.

Best Editing:
Young Filmmaker
Paul's Ride
A film by
Ben Davis

A short documentary following the story of a Vietnam Veteran and his love for motorcycles.

Best Screenplay They Will All Die in Space
Writer, Director
Javier Chillon

The starship Tantalus drifts through space.

Best Screenplay:
Young Filmmaker
Can I Stay?
A film by
Onyee Lo
Paige Carter
Katie Knudson

An apprehensive homeless girl must traverse a dangerous, wintry city in order to escape her adorable pursuers.

Judges' Special Recognition Award 20 Matches
Writer, Director
Mark Tapio Kines
Nina Rausch
Director of Photography
Marianne Williams
Music Composed and Performed by
Chris Wirsig
Dustin Frost

A young woman, her face illuminated only by match light, tells the story of an Austrian serial killer who murdered 20 immigrant women - one per year. (It will be publicly viewable on Vimeo after they've done all they can on the festival circuit.)


Mark your calendars for the 10th Annual Ballston Spa International Short Film Festival, August 4 & 5, 2017.

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